The Goings On

Recently Read: The Lincoln Lawyer.

Currently reading: No Ordinary TimeMy favorite place to read.

My favorite place to read.

I watched The Iron Lady last weekend, and have subsequently decided I want to be Margaret Thatcher when I grow up. The zinger comes in at 1:40. I fully intend on saying that one day. Even if it is at the grocery store.

In the studio:

...still waiting to be completed...

…still waiting to be completed…

Officially ready for our trip to Europe:

Yes, this is what Melissa and I do. Send each other photos of money.

Cash Money!

And then there was that time Christina showed up with a bird. A wild bird. Our state bird to top it off. (she accidentally hit it when it flew in front of her car and turned around to get it. he was just out of it, he eventually flew away. It really was something beautiful to witness)

Just answer the door and there she is.

Just answer the door and there she is.

Web mentionables this week:

  • Statements like this give me faith that not every church in NC is as ass backwards as we appear. Green Street United Methodist stands united in no longer preforming any marriages until LGBT can legally wed in our state. You can read it here
  • The CEO of Starbucks is awesome. I wish more CEOs would just say “take your shares and go somewhere else if you don’t like it”.
  • On why I should delete facebook. I’m with you Fran.
  • I’ve known this guy since fourth grade. Who knew he’d turn into a monster.
  • Obsessed with Kate’s baby bump. Don’t judge. Or act like you aren’t excited for them, either.
  • To Disney or not? (In which, this article really proves the American way is to judge each other and then write up their opinions that don’t really matter-and then sell it to the media. Instead of simply living and let live.)  DISNEY people, it’s not that serious.
  • My mentor Googled & Facebooked my name and every incarnation of it and could only find my LinkedIn profile. For someone as intensely private as myself, this is a good thing.


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There has been a certain combination of letters and numbers that have followed me around my whole life. They are 8, 3 and S, but mostly ‘SS’

And so today. On 3/18/13 something with a SS was born. My little dream was given to me by the Secretary of State.

I cannot wait to make it come true.


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How To Be A Jerk 101

Accidentally say “we’re leaving” in front of Henry, and then walk out into the garage to get your purse from the car.

I walk back in.

He refuses. And judging by his facial expression is pissed. He expects to leave now. Put me in my car seat. Roll down window. You know the drill, lady.

I will not surrender!

I will not surrender!

After a good bit of coaxing, pictures and 5 minutes later,  he still refused. I had to pick him up and bring him inside.

I was a jerk to my 25 lb. schnauzer today. Forgive me, for I have sinned.

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This Week….

I made moves that will change my life. Finally.

My etsy store is open.  Leighive. I’m just glad to have an outlet. And so are my friends, because they are fully stocked on my goods.

And a simple yellow envelope with two sheets of paper and a cheque went to the Secretary of State yesterday.

It’s a weird thing, to put a dream in an envelope and wait for it to come true.

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Monday Listicles

From this site:

10 Things You are Proud Of:

  1. That I still just ‘happy dance’.  Though it is hazardous. While at my parents for dinner, I happy danced, and still thinking I could slide in my socks after wine and vodka, I slid straight into the counter and promptly hit the floor. For the record, drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are pretty unforgiving. As is wood and granite. I have bruises. Totally worth it.

2.  That I survived 2012 without being depressed or a substantial drinking problem.

3.  My parents. 

4. That my mom thinks I would be just like The Heiress. Damn right mom, you know me so well.

5.  That I moved my 200+ lb entertainment center out of my room and all the way to the guest room.  And then rearranged my whole bedroom.

6. My best friends.  Passionate about work and success, confident and beautiful they are the reason I want to be a better person. They also appreciate cuss words as much as I do.

7. My dogs, who are slightly off kilter most of the time, but are really the best dogs a girl could have.

8.  The hours I have spent in the studio dedicated to getting my etsy store open and stocked.

9.  The vacation I’m about to take in 31 days.

10.  Somehow pulling off being a grown up when most days I feel like I’m still 16.

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I blogged twice last month

I also failed miserably at my New Years goal of spending 1 hour a day learning something about my job.  But I did spend 2 days on the trade show floor, which added up to about 15 hours. Does that count for something? Yes, yes it does. That kind of industry time is pretty much priceless.

So, as with every other aspect of my life, the information is piling up, waiting to be processed. Case & Point:

IMG_20130228_123705And so, I have to jog for 5 minutes straight by the end of this month.

What the fuck was I thinking in January…?



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Monday Listcles

From This Page:

10 Little Things That Bring You Joy:

  1. Pencils. The good old fashioned wooden ones.
  2. The lucky travel cat I carry in my purse, and every time I travel. I got this day in Epcot.
  3. Chapstick. Particularly of the Burt’s Bees variety.
  4. Notepads, notebooks. Any kind of bound paper product really.
  5. Seeing the countdown gadget on my desktop that tells me “45 days to Holland & Italy”
  6. My Toy Story coffee mug.
  7. Mentally noting that I already have a road trip and plans for Labor Day. In February.
  8. I’ve been watching a fat squirrel sit on a limb the size of a twig all morning. I keep waiting for it to break as I watch it bow under his weight. I love the view from my office.
  9. Three of my cousins are at the office playing hide n seek.  Two of them are hiding under my desk. They are giggling and it is making me giggle. And we are now all giggling like a bunch of school girls.
  10. Walking through my door everyday and being greeted by my dogs.
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