Monday Listicles

From this site:

10 Things You are Proud Of:

  1. That I still just ‘happy dance’.  Though it is hazardous. While at my parents for dinner, I happy danced, and still thinking I could slide in my socks after wine and vodka, I slid straight into the counter and promptly hit the floor. For the record, drawer pulls and cabinet knobs are pretty unforgiving. As is wood and granite. I have bruises. Totally worth it.

2.  That I survived 2012 without being depressed or a substantial drinking problem.

3.  My parents. 

4. That my mom thinks I would be just like The Heiress. Damn right mom, you know me so well.

5.  That I moved my 200+ lb entertainment center out of my room and all the way to the guest room.  And then rearranged my whole bedroom.

6. My best friends.  Passionate about work and success, confident and beautiful they are the reason I want to be a better person. They also appreciate cuss words as much as I do.

7. My dogs, who are slightly off kilter most of the time, but are really the best dogs a girl could have.

8.  The hours I have spent in the studio dedicated to getting my etsy store open and stocked.

9.  The vacation I’m about to take in 31 days.

10.  Somehow pulling off being a grown up when most days I feel like I’m still 16.


About Memories of A Queen

Completely new to the bloggosphere, but ready to take my turn at it. Merely trying to document my life because the older I get, the faster time goes by. I'd like to be able to look back at my life in more than just pictures. Words help too.
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