Instant Messaging

3 things:

1: Henry is terrified of storms. The joke is he is so scared he tries to climb into my womb to hide. It’s that serious, ya’ll.

2: The wall mount that my TV hangs on in my living room could survive a hurricane. My brother hung it with 2X4s and 6 inch screws. No, really.

3: We were under a tornado watch Wednesday night. The conversation starts me telling warren to give me a call if he sees a tornado because we’re supposed to be watching.

af6b21ccdfb9d62926a8ae309f3ec247f71f9419Blog worthy chat right there. Never know when it’s going to happen.


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It’s Over

The blogging a day…well…except for 2…is over.

So I leave with some of my favorite linkys from this month. Or ever. Things that make me laugh. Or ponder. Click away my friends.

This lovely little blog ditty that I really needed to read about 5 days ago.  This is a sermon for life right here. And thanks to Elizabeth for sharing.

Six Harsh Truths That Will Make You A Better Person.

I love these men. Mainly because they make up alter egos for Chloe Sevigny and her insane dressing. This was one of the best of late.

I joined this movement.  Honestly, I cannot wait to write my first one.

Need background rain? Got it.

Want to fill up your screen with colored sand? Do it.

Got a secret to mail anonymously on a post card? Send it.

Dogs. This is why we love you. Because your bad behavior is funny.

If Heidi were a goat. 

And a final thought that sums up my month.










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Oh whoops

So two days this month, I did not blog.  Failure on blogging everyday, but I blogged more this month than I have in the past 3.

When Bridgette was here for New Years, one day I busted her grabbing her FOURTH cup.  My dad was so strict on our cup usage as children, we got ONE. And that has stuck with me to this day.  And so I watch B grab a Solo cup I had put out for later that night and I said “how many cups are you planning on using today?”…and she proceed to look at me like I was crazy. Until I told her she had used 3 cups already. She offered to wash all her dirty cups.  Proclaiming that she was on vacation and I had a dishwasher so she was just having a good ol time.  And then I realized I was a cup offender myself.



Also, yes, I’m that obsessed with pencils, that my pencils and sharpner have a tray on my desk. Ok, and that is the best pencil sharpner EVER. God, I did not realize how nerdy that was until just now.

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It happened…and its been long. Woke this morning dealing with a flat tire and then departed for Myrtle Beach for a very competitive interview. Had dinner, and now I’m back in the hotel working. The end.

It’s an exciting life. Don’t be jelly.

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Sunshine and Rainbows

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that. But the really great people make you feel that you too can become great. When you are seeking to bring big plans to fruition, it is important with whom you regularly associate. Hang out with friends who are like minded and who are also designing purpose-filled lives. Similarly, be that kind of friend for your friends. “ -Mark Twain

This morning, I looked out my bedroom window and a plane had flown across the sky and left a line in the sky. And I caught it just as the sun was rising and it made it look like the line was a stream of light. Incredible.

DSC08379 DSC08382

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Hell Froze Over

…or, I finally took down my Christmas decorations. I figured a month and a day after Christmas, it was finally time.


And I didn’t post yesterday even though I took this picture. I’m hooked on Parenthood and could not be bothered going back upstairs to post. I kid. I totally forgot.

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A Woman’s Work

In 6 hours at work I:

  • Sent out a full design development set of drawings which was the only thing I planned on finishing up today. Then my morning went to shit.
  • Reduced a budget by $50K,with $50K left to go.  This includes, but is not limited to: calling for quotes, chasing down quotes, fielding questions about requests for quotes and then comparing quotes to the original estimate and doing math.
  • Coordinated a 3 person trip and reserved 3 hotel rooms.
  • Had a 45 minute conference call. Wrote follow-up meeting minutes and sent out.
  • Had a ridiculously long phone conversation about the correct title blocks for 25 drawings. All of the original ones were wrong. I had to fix them and send them back after converting it from a drawing to a PDF. Times 25. Today.
  • Wrote about 45 emails
  • Laughed with B
  • Texted my mom
  • Chatted with Warren
  • Had a serious argument with my phone about its inability to keep up with my fingers.
  • Ate lunch.
  • Had to do all of this because my grandfather/boss needed to do ONE thing. So he delegated me with the rest.
  • Worked for my weekend. And the beer in my refrigerator.

The sunset. Yesterday. It's fucking icy rain out right now. This is an homage to what isn't right now.

The sunset. Yesterday. It’s fucking icy rain out today. This is an homage to what isn’t right now. Also, this is taken with my 7 year old Sony digital camera, through a window, no filters, nada. The winter sunsets around these parts don’t get much better.

I just tried to answer a text message by typing into my keyboard. Its beer thirty.

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