The Goings On

Recently Read: The Lincoln Lawyer.

Currently reading: No Ordinary TimeMy favorite place to read.

My favorite place to read.

I watched The Iron Lady last weekend, and have subsequently decided I want to be Margaret Thatcher when I grow up. The zinger comes in at 1:40. I fully intend on saying that one day. Even if it is at the grocery store.

In the studio:

...still waiting to be completed...

…still waiting to be completed…

Officially ready for our trip to Europe:

Yes, this is what Melissa and I do. Send each other photos of money.

Cash Money!

And then there was that time Christina showed up with a bird. A wild bird. Our state bird to top it off. (she accidentally hit it when it flew in front of her car and turned around to get it. he was just out of it, he eventually flew away. It really was something beautiful to witness)

Just answer the door and there she is.

Just answer the door and there she is.

Web mentionables this week:

  • Statements like this give me faith that not every church in NC is as ass backwards as we appear. Green Street United Methodist stands united in no longer preforming any marriages until LGBT can legally wed in our state. You can read it here
  • The CEO of Starbucks is awesome. I wish more CEOs would just say “take your shares and go somewhere else if you don’t like it”.
  • On why I should delete facebook. I’m with you Fran.
  • I’ve known this guy since fourth grade. Who knew he’d turn into a monster.
  • Obsessed with Kate’s baby bump. Don’t judge. Or act like you aren’t excited for them, either.
  • To Disney or not? (In which, this article really proves the American way is to judge each other and then write up their opinions that don’t really matter-and then sell it to the media. Instead of simply living and let live.)  DISNEY people, it’s not that serious.
  • My mentor Googled & Facebooked my name and every incarnation of it and could only find my LinkedIn profile. For someone as intensely private as myself, this is a good thing.



About Memories of A Queen

Completely new to the bloggosphere, but ready to take my turn at it. Merely trying to document my life because the older I get, the faster time goes by. I'd like to be able to look back at my life in more than just pictures. Words help too.
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